MIKAELA USA Smithfield, Utah, USA

Working toward a bachelor's degree in Elementary Education


My classroom experience has been full of excitement and chaos. I have learned how to motivate students with a stern but loving attitude, I have had to have a great deal of patience in order to problem solve tricky situations and have learned how to adapt to become flexible to preform to the best of my teaching abilities. To me a teacher is someone who believes in the child more than anyone else, someone who lets the students know that there are no limits to become who you want to be, and that they can achieve anything in the world with hard work and kindness. I feel that I am qualified to teach based on the skills that I have developed through the experiences I have had.

I am creative and organized and have demonstrated this when I started my own business of a summer kids camp. I created themes and activities for each day that correlated with one another. This experience taught me a great deal about planning. I have learned that being flexible with how things will play out is a huge step in becoming a successful teacher. I am able to adapt and be flexible when it comes to planning because I know that things usually don’t play out how you planned them to go. I as a teacher, believe that you must set your students up for success and one of the ways that it is achieved is through building relationships with the students and getting to know them as an individual and not just as a student.

I have had experience with all sorts of ages and different demographic backgrounds of students. I had the opportunity to work at a youth treatment center for teenage girls. It was one of the hardest things I have ever done but also one of the most rewarding. I was able to learn so much about myself and all that I am capable of. I am able to connect with others on a respectful level. I am able to have patience with those who may be struggling with something simple. I am able to communicate in an effective way so that others may understand exactly what is asked of them. I am able to empathize with others even though I have never been through what they have gone through. I am able to love others in a way that lets them know someone cares about them and is looking out for their best interest.

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